Good Reads – Suggested Readings

Good Reads

“God calls you his poiema, the kind that moves, the kind who has hands and opens them up for the task of the day and whispers not my will but yours. So let’s pick up the pen, the pan, the brush. Let’s open our eyes, our hands, our hearts. Let’s see the fear then laugh in his face because somebody has to. Why not let it be us? Let’s carry on together.” One Way to Live Wildly Free by Emily Freeman

“People tend to become who you believe them to be. So believe the best.” Let’s Believe the Best About Each Other by Holley Gerth

“God wants to be our guide. Our feelings should not be what drives our decisions. We must put our trust in what God says and check our feelings at the door with what the Word of God says”. Feelings Are Not Facts by Starla Jimenez


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