Afraid of Change?

When you life is about to change

And you don’t know which path to take

What should we do?

We struggle to make a decision

Hoping that we will hear the voice of God

Hoping things will become clearer

What should we do?

We pray, but sometimes the answer doesn’t come the way we expect

What should we do?

We wait, trusting that God will somehow show us which way to go

And through praying and trusting we feel his movement and have the confidence that He is working behind the scenes.

Our faith becomes bigger, and all of the sudden we are not afraid of change, in that we know that no matter what happens, God’s plans will prevail.

“God is a lot more concerned about my wholehearted obedience than he is about my comfort. He wants my devoted trust and my dependence to be on him, not on my comfortable surroundings. It’s in the moments of discombobulated uncertainty that I hold his hand a little tighter and lean in a bit closer. It’s in these moments that God has taught me a few things about change.” How to Cope with Change by Sherry Surratt


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