False Picture

“I think one may be quite rid of the old haunting suspicion—which raises its head in every temptation—that there is something else than God, some other country into which he forbids us to trespass, some kind of delight which he ‘doesn’t appreciate’ or just chooses to forbid, but which would be real delight if only we were allowed to get it. The thing just isn’t there. Whatever we desire is either what God is trying to give us as quickly as he can, or else a false picture of what he is trying to give us, a false picture which would not attract us for a moment if we saw the real thing. . . . He knows what we want, even in our vilest acts. He is longing to give it to us. . . .” –They Stand Together: The Letters of C.S.Lewis to Arthur Greeves (1914-1963), p. 465.

We get so easily distracted by what others have and are able to achieve, in the midst of this distraction we stray from our path and long for to follow someone else’s. We glance at their path and get frustrated thinking it is easier or more suitable than our own and at times we even wonder why them and not us?  If only we were sensible enough to comprehend that each one of us has a unique path to follow. We need to stop comparing, what might work for them might not work for us. Let’s hope we learn to look at the picture as a whole and not by its fragments. When we don’t take the time to wait to see the end result, to wait to see exactly what the artist is painting we might fantasize about a false picture instead.

God is not trying to distract or forbid us of anything we desire, He just wants us to realize that occasionally what we are longing for is simply a false picture of what He wants for us.


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