* Quite a Revelation

It was declared at the beginning let there be light
And through men disobedience came perpetual light
The dark night of the soul, men searching for truth
The truth of God´s loves hidden from view
But God had a plan and it might sound strange
To bring back the light through a lamb that was slain
Let me explain
To get rid of all death would have required a new birth
The birth of a baby that would shake the whole earth
His birth was astounding
Quite a revelation
Breaking through the darkness heavily illumination
The first born of heaven laying in a manger extracting the soul of all men from eternal danger
But wait it gets stranger
He lived a sinless life and gave the credit to me
Took all my burden so that I could go free
I once was blind but now I see
And this great revelation has been given to me
JESUS CHRIST is the light of all men, he paid for all sin, new life could begin
_ Gray, John. From Here to There. Sermon. 
*Please note – Could not find a title for this poem. The title Quite a Revelation was chosen based on the poem. 

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