The Storm

The thunderstorm was coming. As the sky became dark, we could hear the thunder growling.  My two-year-old is genuinely fearful of thunderstorms, and today, as the rain lashed down and the lightning flashed, he wrapped his arms around me and did not want to let go. As I hugged and comforted him, waiting for the storm to pass, I started thinking about how safe he felt in my arms and how he trusted that I was going to protect him.

The same should be our relationship with God. We should trust in him all the time, we should trust that he is protecting and taking care of us. But why is it so hard to trust in God? Why does trust doesn’t come easily? How frequent we say, God I trust in you, but then anxiety takes over and instead of trusting, we doubt. We doubt He is taking care of us, we doubt He is protecting us, we doubt He is listening to us and that He will do what is best for us.

Today, as I sat on the sofa hugging my son and comforting him, I realized something, I realized that in order for us to fully trust in God we need to have a relationship with Him. It is only through this relationship that we will learn how to fully trust in Him.

My son trusts me as a result of our daily relationship, and through this relationship he is learning that I am trustworthy, he perceives that I am always there for him, that even when we don’t see eye to eye I will do what is best for him, he is personally experiencing my trustworthiness to him.

Do you trust someone you don’t know? I certainly don’t! The majority of us, if not all of us only trust people we know, we only trust people after we establish a relationship with them right?

If it is true to you as it is to me that we only trust those we know, in order for us to trust in God we need to know Him, to experience Him, it is necessary to invest some time into a relationship with him, and only then, we will personally experience his faithfulness to us, it is only through our experiences with God that we will learn to trust him.

When we don’t have a relationship with him, we fail to see what he is doing for us, instead, we focus on our own understanding and abilities to take care of things, we trust ourselves instead of trusting him. The problem with that is that we are not great at keeping our promises. So why not learn to trust someone who never breaks his promises and will never fail us?

For a Better World


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